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GUEST POST: Sarah reviews Rituals Sunglow in Peach

I'm Sarah and I'm the editor of Simply-Woman magazine and self appointed beauty editor!  I've been trawling beauty counters and high street stores for nearly 20 years now (I started young) and I'm always at the very least a little excited over discovering great beauty products. You can read about beauty as well as travel, fashion, food & drink over at

Today I'm reviewing Rituals Sunglow in Peach.

The Rituals "Sunglow" palettes are designed to bring a shimmering glow to cheeks and eyes and come in three core shades - bronze, pink and peach. The packaging is sleek and glossy and the product looks high end and comes with a £24 price tag. All Rituals makeup comes with no parabens or perfume so great for those with sensitive skins too.

What's interesting and unique about Rituals is the use of natural gemstones in their products!  This part of the range contains Amethyst, which is to relax and smooth your skin.  Now it's not like there's big glittery chunks of a rock hard substance in your sunglow - the amethyst is finely milled into the mixture so you won't even know that it's there.

The product can be used in two ways. The first is to get a nice kabuki or blush/bronzer brush and swirl it around across the different blocks of colour. Once you've collected some on your brush you can apply it to the apples of your cheeks or your cheekbones to give a glow - not a "rosy" one or a summer one - just a healthy peachy tone.

The other option is to use the blocks separately as eye glow colours.  The colours are extremely complimentary and we tested the claim these could be used on the eye thoroughly.  They are a little shimmery but no more so than many other shadow brands on the market.  There's a distinctive use for each colour - the centre "white" would make a great highlighter for the brown, the peach and pinky tones great for working into the crease and the darkest brown as a lid colour.  I've had the colours on my hand for abut 3 hours and the brown is still glaring back at me - albeit a little more subtly than when I first applied it.

It's also possible this could make a great contouring kit in an emergency - with the highlighter being the very lightest colour, the pink or the peach as a blush and the brown as a contouring kit.
This is so much more than just a shimmer brick - a lot of thought has gone into the creation of it and it really shows.  The size of the colour bricks are big enough to be able to select only that colour with your brush and there isn't too much glitter or shimmer in the product, just the right amount.

I'd love to try the other colours in the range too - definitely the bronze for summer holiday packing light! You can buy Rituals from their stand alone stores ( or online at

Sarah - Editor (*check out our fabulous new look!)
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GUEST POST: Natasha's Top 5 Drugstore/Highstreet Eye Make-Up

Hey everyone, I'm Natasha from Clouds and Cuticle Oil and today I'm going to be sharing with you my five favourite drugstore/high street eye products. I know when it comes to makeup most people would choose high end brands over the ones you would find in Superdrug, but I'm here to show you that you don't have to spend all your hard-earned money to get great quality products!

1. MUA Single Eyeshadows
I'm almost certain that everyone in the UK who is even slightly interested in cosmetics has heard of MUA and their offerings. For me, almost the whole range is a winner but what I'm featuring here are the single eyeshadows. They're part of the basic range and the colour I'm showcasing is Shade 11 which is a warm toned bronze that's soft to the touch and has great pigmentation. I've swatched a fair few of the shades in store and they all seem pretty well pigmented excluding the matte ones. The best part? They're only £1.

2. Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara
Personally I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Maybelline mascaras, I have never been let down by one yet (touch wood). My favourite at the moment is the Colossal Volum' Express Cat Eyes mascara. It makes my lashes look lovely and fluttery and the curved wand makes it really easy for me to cover all my lashes in one sweep as well as making it much easier to apply mascara to my bottom lashes. It's priced at £7.99.

3. L'Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows
After hearing the L'Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows being raved about so much on the blogosphere I decided to try one out for myself and I was not let down. I would describe this range as loose pigments without the hassle. They are buttery soft and glide smoothly onto the eyelid, not to mention they have great pigmentation. The little pots the eyeshadows come in have a little lid-shaped thing included so that if the pigment starts separating out you just press down and hey, problem solved! My favourite colour is the one that I have featured here, it's called Hourglass Beige but it seems to be discontinued as I can't find it anywhere online (boo hiss). They retail for £6.99 but I'm pretty sure that if you scout around online you can find a cheaper price.

4. L'Oreal Super Liner
The L'Oreal Super Liner has been a staple in my makeup bag for a while now, mainly because it was the first liquid eyeliner that I ever tried that I could actually apply properly and not end up with black liner everywhere. I've never come across another product that has the same sort of applicator this has, it's a felt tip but not in the same category as the normal felt tip pen liners. Whatever it is, it's easy to control and only costs £6.49. Sorted.

5. Sleek eyeshadow palettes

I see Sleek as the inexpensive version of Urban Decay, they both make really pigmented products and come out with amazing palettes - my Sleek Original palette is getting a little grubby (it's got that same matte packaging that NARS has - it's a pain to clean!) from all the use it's gotten over the past year.
You get a plentiful 12 shades in each palette, all of which are great quality. The price has gone up since I bought mine, but it still remains at a more than affordable £7.99.

Thanks to the lovely Evelyn for letting me post on her wonderful blog, hope you enjoyed!
Natasha xxx

Holiday hoobie what-ey?!

{Ten points if you can name that movie. It's a Coombs family fave!}

The holiday season is in full swing around here and hosting Christmas themed shin-digs is one of my very favorite things about it!

We've got a handful of different parties that we're planning for the month of December.
I love it!
I love entertaining in our home {in case you hadn't already gathered that from my blog.}

Here are some fun ideas that I've found through Pinterest while collecting ideas.

Cut brownies into triangles, decorate like a Christmas tree, then use a peppermint stick as a tree trunk.
The Fab Web
How cute would these Christmas Tree Brownies be for your child's school class?

Free Christmas props
Oh Happy Day
Loving these FREE printable Holiday Props for pictures.
{Recipe've been warned!}

Simple Christmas decorations

Love the simplicity of these centerpieces.

Reindeer water bottles and popcorn bags - cute for a preschool snack day!
Couture Parties

Another cute idea for a kids' party or classroom shin-dig.

Merry Kissmas & a Chappy New Year! Cute & Simple friend Christmas gift.
Two Cute Blondies
Every party needs a take-away favor, right?
LOVE these chapsticks that read: "Merry KISSMAS and a CHAPPY New Year".
So clever!

reindeer cupcakes
Cupcakes Take the Cake

Who knew that a Nilla Wafer with pretzels could make SUCH a cute reindeer?
{Another cute idea for classroom treats.}
See what I did last year HERE.

My brain is just about ready to explode with ideas these days.
Tis the Season!

Auf Wiedersehen!

I'm heading off to Germany tonight so just posting a quick Auf Wiedersehen!   I have arranged and scheduled some great guest posts over the next week, so I hope you enjoy reading them whilst I'm away, and discover some fantastic bloggers to follow :)  I will be back with a xmas giveaway, so see you all in a week!

November Books List

This month, I've managed to read four books which I'm really proud of because it's been such a crazy, busy month for me.  If you struggle to find time to read, try to always keep a book in your handbag - it's amazing how much I manage to read during the day just because I know I have a book with me.  Here are the books I've read in November:-

(1) If This Is A Man & The Truce by Primo Levi
I've read a few memoirs by those who survived the Nazi concentration camps, but Levi's accounts of what he saw during his time at Auschwitz are some of the most horrifying I've come across, yet are written in this beautiful prose.  Its his prose and his outlook on the situation that he's been forced into, that makes this book almost enjoyable to read if that's the correct word to use.  His words really grab you and transport you back to that awful time like you're standing right next to him; absolutely terrifying, yet completely fascinating at the same time.  A must read for anyone interested in the Holocaust and WW2.  [4/5]

(2) Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
Like a lot of other people, I decided to pick up Cloud Atlas and read it before I started to hear all of the hype surrounding the big budget film adaptation.  It took me a long time to get into this book and I ended picking it up and putting it back down again throughout the month.  Eventually, I just sat down with it and managed to finish it off.  Cloud Atlas is basically a series of six short stories (with most actually being in two parts), which have elements of historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy.  I won't go into the spoilers, but despite how cleverly it's written, I think I'm going to find myself enjoying the movie a whole lot more.  [2/5]

(3) Different Seasons by Stephen King
Different Seasons consists of four short stories/novellas by one of the masters of the horror genre, Stephen King.  The first story is 'Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption' - definitely my favourite of this collection, and the one that most people will be familiar with due to the incredible film of the latter name.  The second story is called 'Apt Pupil' and was surprisingly enjoyable despite its macabre subject matter.  It's a deeply disturbing tale of a young school boy who finds out that a Nazi war criminal is living in his neighbourhood and starts to blackmail him for gory details of the war.  The horror in that story escalates quickly and makes for riveting reading.

The third story, 'The Body' is more well known as the inspiration for the film 'Stand By Me', and it recounts the experiences of a group of young boys who hear about the location of a dead body and make plans to find it.  It's rather anti-climatic, but I loved the coming-of-age vibes.  And lastly, there's 'The Breathing Method', which is an inter-tangled web of a story, and focuses on a guy who joins a secret club, and a young woman who will do anything to have children.  It's a bit of a weird one and ventures into the supernatural world, making it completely different to the other stories in the collection.  Even if the other stories don't appeal to you, Different Seasons is worth picking up just for the Shawshank Redemption alone.  [4/5]

(4) The Fault In Our Stars
I picked up The Fault In Our Stars after reading Looking For Alaska and I just love John Green.  He's one of those authors who manages to create perfect coming-of-age stories by always putting his own twist on them, and he really gets into the teenage characters heads.  The Fault In Our Stars is about a young terminally ill teenage girl who meets a boy at her cancer support group.  As cheesy as this sounds, this is one of those books which will make you cry, laugh, and then cry some more, all of which can only come from reading about such angst, love and ultimately death.  Highly recommended.  [5/5]

What books have you been reading this month?

Chocolate Chips? Yes Please!

Do you ever have those weeks where you just can't seem to get someone off your mind?
I have them more often than not.

As Young Womens President...I constantly think about my girls.
There have be a few lately that I have felt the need to connect with....
to make sure that THEY know that I LOVE them.

This morning while running my daily errands, I happened to stop by Deseret Book .
 I came across this little gem:

{Yes....anything with a chocolate chip on it grabs my attention.  Do you blame me?}

It's a short little 18 page paperback book.
It compares US to the CHOCOLATE CHIPS of life.

"The Chocolate Chip became famous for its ability to stand firm against the heat of the oven. Be the Chocolate Chip helps to bring to life the qualities that help us as followers of Christ and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints stand strong and firm in a world of ever-increasing heat. Jen and Amy outline four steps that we can follow each and every day to stay firm and strong, and to be the chocolate chips in the cookies of life."

I immediately thought of a couple of young women who I thought could benefit from this 'sweet' little message and so I snagged up a few copies. 

I had high hopes to go home and whip up a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies to go along with it.
time lately has been getting the best of me so I did the next best thing.

I stopped by Paradise Bakery and bought up a bunch of their ever so yummy treats.

{They seriously have the BEST cookies}.

I needed a cute way to present it all.
I am in love with craft paper bags these days.
I'm also in love with bakers twine.
Just can't get enough.

I packaged up 2 of the tasties per bag and tied them shut.
{If you plan to do this...make sure and cover your cookies first with parchment or tissue paper. Otherwise....the yummy buttery grease from the cookies will seep through the bag.  And that just doesn't look pretty}.

I hand wrote a note to each girl and added my favorite picture of the Savior.
{Handwritten notes = always the best!}

I've come to discover that you can make almost ANYTHING look cute in either a basket or a bag decorated with cherries....BOTH purchased in the $ bins at Target last year.

I plan to purchase more of these little books before the year is over.

I've come to realize that when you get a prompting to stop by someone's house to say hi or drop off treats or tell someone that you love them,'s usually for a REASON.  

Often times...we don't know that exact REASON but I've learned that it's ALWAYS best to act on those promptings. No matter just how busy life may seem.

November Favourites

It's been another good month for discovering new beauty favourites.  This selection features a bit of skincare, bodycare and of course, make-up!  So without further ado, here are the products I have been loving throughout November:-

Laidbare DIY! Two in One Cleanser & Toner* - (review)
A fantastic budget beauty find from the British natural brand Laidbare.  This gel cleanser removes all of your make-up (including waterproof and stubborn mascara) AND it tones as well!  Plus it's suitable for all skin types, what more could you ask for? 

Liz Earle Signature Foundation in Nude* - (review)
Another all skin types product that actually seems to work for all skin types, is Liz Earle's Signature Foundation.  A beautiful high-end liquid  foundation that blends so easily into the skin and gives a natural, yet flawless finish.  Highly recommended.

LUSH Ponche Shower Gel - (review)
LUSH'S new xmas edition fruity, boozy shower gel - love it!

LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub - (review)
I'm still obssessed with this pot of sugar flavoured amazingness - so yummy and keeps winter lips flake-free.

Mavala Nail Polish in Metallic Grey* - (NOTD)
From their new Arabesque Winter collection, this is a stunning grey that's ideal for those wanting a change from the usual dark nails that are so heavily associated with A/W.

Lavera All Round Cream - (review)
Do you have dry skin that you want to make super soft again?  Want to smell like a lemon cheesecake?  Hate greasy body butters that take forever to sink in?  Then this is the body cream for you!  I'll definitely be stocking up on this throughout winter.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blush in Cherub* - (review)
Beautiful and natural looking flush of colour for the cheeks that feels like no other liquid blusher I have ever tried before.  I want some more of these Santa!

Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate - (review)
I'm a massive fan of these tinted lip butters and featured Wild Rose in last month's favourites.  Pomegranate is a welcome addition to my make-up bag and it instantly brightens up my whole face whenever I apply it.

What beauty products have you been loving lately?
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*PR samples

Thanksgiving Weekend.

Who else finds it hard to believe that Thanksgiving has already come and gone?
We press forward now to Christmas.
My how time flies.

Our Thanksgiving weekend went down like this:

Wednesday I helped organize both Grant and Carson's classroom feasts at school.

I made the turkey treats on the left.
A crafty mom in Grant's class made the adorable 'pie' cupcakes on the right.

Helping out in the kids' classrooms is one of my greatest joys.
It's so fun to see the interaction that goes on in there.

Thursday we spent the afternoon and evening at my mom and dad's house.
Our entire Lamoreaux family was present 
{minus my cute nephew Ryan who is serving an LDS mission}. 

Everything was perfect from the food to the decor.

Next year we are giving the kids table the boot outside. 
They were TOO noisy! {Smile}.

Aren't those turkey leg place settings darling?  
My 11 year old niece made them for all of the children.

My mom had the adult table all decked out in brilliance...

Yes...we even get our very own salt and pepper shakers at each place setting.
She's prepared like that.
{Do you think she'd notice if I stole them?} 

Sadly, it was a day of fevers, a bit of barfing and a few other things for little Londy Lou...

She was definitely not her normal sassy, spunky, diva-esque self.

At 7 PM that night my sister and I headed out to Wal-mart to do our annual
Black Friday shopping. was crazy...crowded....and filled with all sorts o' nasty, outraged shoppers.

But as was worth it.
There were deals to be had.
And we conquered.

In home and in bed by 10:00? Yes! Please!

The rest of the weekend included:

Putting out our Christmas decor...only to be halted promptly by....your very own...catching the flu bug.
Barfing {amongst other things} at it's worst.
What a weekend to get sick!

You KNOW i'm really sick when.....

* I can't even stand to walk through Target {gasp!}
* The thought of drinking soda sounds disgusting {double gasp!}
* We cancel our date night with fun friends to go and see the movie Lincoln.
{Sigh.  There's always next weekend, right?}


Fingers crossed I'm back to my normal healthy self by tomorrow.
I've got LOTS to accomplish this week:

* Ordering Christmas cards
{The pics turned out! Hoor-ah! Can't wait to share them with you.}

* Starting work on our 'neighbor and friend' gifts.
See past gifts HERE, HERE and HERE.

* I'm in charge of our ward Christmas breakfast on Saturday.
Planning for a mere 250 biggie, right?
Yikes! Good thing I have so much help!

* Wrapping 25 Christmas books for our yearly tradition.

* Helping Buddy... our Elf on a Shelf make his grand debut.

Guess I better get all of the rest I need today!

Good thing I LOVE the holiday season so very much!
I do indeed!!!

November Empties / Products I've Used Up

It's Empties time once again!  I usually post this right at the end of the month, but there's absolutely no way I'm going to use up anything else in the next few days!  Here are the products I've used up recently and whether I would repurchase them again:-
Treacle Moon Iced Strawberry Dream Bath and Shower Gel* (reviewed here)
I am so happy to see this used up!  I've had this enormous bottle in my bathroom since May and I thought it would never end.  Smelt exactly like strawberry milkshake, yum!  Repurchase? It was Limited Edition for Spring so you can't buy it anymore.

Skin Salvation Shampoo* (reviewed here)
This was too drying for my hair to be used on a regular basis, but I used it as a weekly/fortnightly clarifying shampoo and it worked really well for that but I wouldn't buy it again.  Repurchase? No. 

Japonesque Beauty Fixation Nail Polish Touch Ups
In this container were 24 pre filled cotton buds that had nail polish remover in them (you break off one end and the solution goes down the tube to the bottom bud).  I received these in a Latest In Beauty sample box, and they were useful for cleaning up around the nails after using polish.  Repurchase?  As handy as they were, I'll probably just go back to using plain old cotton buds dipped in my regular nail polish remover.

Purity Facial Exfoliator* (reviewed here)
This is one of my favourite budget face exfoliators, so it's no wonder that it's on my HG list.  It's a lovely cream based cleanser that has tiny pieces of coconut shell in it to give a good scrub.  Repurchase? Already have.

Karma Naturals Rhubarb and Custard Lip Balm (reviewed here)
I've had this for ages - it smells just like rhubarb and custard and is really moisturising.  Repurchase?  Will do when my crazy lip balm stash has gone down a bit!

John Masters Organics Lip Calm (featured in my Bedside Table post)
Whilst this wasn't the most moisturising lip balm I've ever tried, I did like its citrusy flavour a lot and it's one I would use more in the summer months.  Repurchase? Maybe in S/S next year.

Dr Bronners Magic All In One Soap in Peppermint & Citrus Orange
Used the Peppermint one in the shower and wow, it was strong!  Really wakes you up which is what I need in the mornings!  I decided to use the Citrus Orange one to clean the tiled floor in my kitchen and it worked a treat.  Repurchase? Yes, would buy full sizes of both of these.

Have you used up any products this month?  Feel free to link to your empties posts below!
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*PR samples

Want to Guest Post on We Were Raised By Wolves?

I'm going away mid-next week, and I'm looking for a handful of lovely bloggers to submit some Guest Posts for We Were Raised By Wolves.  If anyone is interested, please email me: beautywolfgirl(at)gmail(dot)com and we'll sort something out :)

Mavala - Arabesque Winter 2012 Collection: Peacock Green & Metallic Grey

 Mavala Nail Polishes in Peacock Green & Metallic Grey (5ml, £4.30 each, link)*

Being a typical nail polish junkie, I have tried out many different brands over the years, but Mavala are one that has managed to escape my attention until very recently.  I've seen this Swiss brand pop up on many of the European based beauty blogs that I follow, but I don't think they're that well known in the UK.  So I was very excited to be sent these two beautiful shades from Mavala's new Arabesque 2012 Winter Collection to play with.   

Mavala Nail Polishes come in a standard mini size of 5ml, making them much smaller than most nail polishes by other brands.  They are super cute and I love their iconic chunky gold coloured tops!  The two shades I was sent were Metallic Grey and Peacock Green.

Metallic Grey is a shimmery dove grey; very chic and a perfect Winter shade for those who aren't fond of the typical darker colours which are popular at this time of the year.  One of the prettiest 'light' shades that I have in my whole collection!

Peacock Green is a metallic emerald that looks positively jewelesque when it catches the light, but I would recommend a good top coat if you want it to look really shiny.  If you're looking at this and thinking it's similar to the popular Racing Green by Barry M, then you'd be right.  This is a touch lighter and slightly less green-shimmery than Racing Green, but they are quite similar.

Formula & Brush
The formula of both of these was a little on the thick side, and they almost fall into 'one coat wonder' territory, but I felt the need to add a second coat as the first was a bit patchy in some areas.  The brush is short and dense which I wasn't that keen on to start with, but soon got used to.  Staying power has so far been great, 2 days without a top coat and no chips yet!  Mavala nail polishes also contain no parabens, formaldehydes, toulene, camphore, cellophane, animal ingredients or heavy metals.

Mavala are available from John Lewis and Debenhams.

Have you tried any polishes by Mavala?  
Do you like the smaller size?

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*PR samples

My Handbag Beauty Essentials

I've had a few requests to do a 'What's In My Handbag?' style post, but not much has changed since I did this old post which mostly consists of the mundane usuals; phone, purse, keys, diary, book, Ipod etc.  What has changed however, is that I now carry around a lot more beauty products than I used to, so hopefully this post will be much more interesting!

My handbag beauty essentials are:-
  • Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets (review) - Always handy to have these around considering how oily my T-Zone can get!
  • Hairbrush - This mini one is from The Body Shop and is the perfect size for handbags.
  • Nail Polish Remover Wipes - There's always a couple of sachets of these in my bag as I can't stand having chipped nails, so I'd rather just remove everything if that happens.  These are from a German brand that my Mum posted to me recently and they're pretty good.
  • Twistband hairtie - Very useful to have one of these as I often wear my hair down, but like to put it up into a topknot towards the end of the day.
  • Neal's Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Busy Bee Balm* (review) - A good multi-purpose balm is an essential for me.  I use this on everything from lips and cuticles, to taming eyebrows.
  • Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment (review) - This hair oil comes in super handy when trying to restyle my wayward hair after it's been blasted with wind and rain in the mornings!
  • Benefit Sun Beam mini - Adds a natural looking glow to dull winter complexions, but needs to be reapplied as it doesn't last on my skin very long.
  • NUXE Baume Prodigieux Levres Nutri-Protecting Lip Care (review) - Always, always have a dedicated lip care product with me - this one from NUXE also doubles up as a clear gloss and has SPF 15. 
  • Liz Earle Signature Lip Colour in Tea Rose* (review) -  My current favourite lipstick which is really moisturising too so ideal for wearing in A/W. 
  • Japonesque Touch Up Tube Brush Set* (review) - This slim metallic tube holds travel sized brushes which are perfect for using on the go to reapply any make-up.  
  • The Body Shop Lightening Touch Pen - Highstreet dupe for the infamous YSL Touche Eclat (which I actually prefer to the original - shhh don't tell anyone!).  Instantly adds some light to my face when I'm starting to look tired at the end of the day. 
  • Mini tweezers - these are from Tweezerman.  I don't actually use them all that often, but they just seem to live in my bag in case I ever feel the urge to tweeze a stray browhair.
  • Jurlique Rose Hand Cream - Like lip care and multi-purpose balm, hand cream is an absolute essential for me.  I currently have a travel size of this gorgeous rose scented hand cream from Jurlique and have been rationing out its usage because the full size is a bit pricey!
What are your handbag beauty essentials?  
Link below if you've written a similar post! 

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Review: Evolve Pure Moisture Hand Wash

 Evolve Pure Moisture Hand Wash (200ml, £9.99, link)*

When it comes to hand wash, I mainly decide what I'm going to purchase based on scent alone and rarely consider any other aspects.  Simply put, if it smells good, I'll just get it!  When this bottle of hand wash from Evolve dropped through my letterbox recently, I was intrigued by it's 'pure moisture' claims - so what's it like?

Evolve's Pure Moisture Hand Wash is 99.6% natural and has 20.3% organic ingredients.  Like the rest of the Evolve range, it's free from parabens, SLS/SLES, PEGs, DEA, mineral oil, silicone, propylene glycol, GMO ingredients and synthetic fragrances.  It's also suitable Vegan Society approved, made in the UK and comes in a 100% recycled bottle (it has a clear plastic pump).

The hand wash is formulated with Natural Sugar Extracts, Goji Berry Extracts and Aloe Vera to soothe and revitalise hands.  And the best part for me; it's delicately fragranced with exotic Japanese Yuzu which gives this hand wash a clean subtle citrusy scent.

Is it 'Pure Moisture'?
Unfortunately, I didn't notice that this hand wash was any more moisturising than the usual hand washes and soaps that I use, but it left my hands clean and smelling freshSo if you're looking for a moisturising hand wash, then perhaps try something else, but if you're just after a natural and subtle citrusy hand wash, then this may be worth trying out.

How do you choose hand washes/soaps? 
Do you go on scents or prefer certain formulas or both?  

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I have some very big news!
My little 'ole blog is about to reach 1,000,000 hits!!!

1,000,000 hits!
What the?!?

I know that to 'big time' bloggers...this might seem minimal.
But to me???
I am honored, blessed, excited and more.

I started my ramblings here just a year and a half ago. 
Sometimes I find it funny to think that others find me interesting.
{Or maybe it's that you think I'm a tad odd? Smile.}

I have the sweetest readers.
Your comments and kind thoughts always make my day.
I am blessed indeed.

To celebrate....I want to have some sort of a BIG GIVEAWAY.

{But remember how I'm lame when it comes to finding advertisers for this blog?
Ok...lame AND a little bit clueless.}

So here's where YOU come in.

Do you own a shop? Sell stuff on etsy? Make cute accessories? Etc, etc, etc???
Are you willing to DONATE to this GIVEAWAY of mine?
In'll get FREE advertising.

I'll do a BLOG POST with DIRECT LINKS to YOU and your product!

Tempting? I sure hope so.
Cause I'd be rather embarrassed to not have anyone offer anything.

Let me know what you think.
Email me:

Can't wait to see what we come up with!!!


Winter Skin Saviour: Lavera All-Round Cream review

 Lavera All-Round Cream (150ml, £6.95, link)

I wrote a Winter Skin Saviours post a little while ago and after I'd taken the photographs for it, I realised that I'd forgotten to mention this amazing tin of goodness that I received in an Amarya box months ago.   I've been a big fan of the German natural brand Lavera for a very long time, and their All-Round Cream is a fantastic product to use when the cold weather starts to settle in.

Packaged in a slim metal tin, Lavera's All-Round Cream is a must-have if you suffer with dry skin or find that your skin goes crazy when it gets cold.  It's a super-thick, intensive moisturising cream (or rather butter, given its texture and consistency) that can be used all over your body as its name suggests.  It contains key ingredients like organic shea butter (always a good ingredient to look out for if you have dry skin and no nut allergies) and organic almond oil to really care for and soothe dry skin.

Unlike most thick body butters, All-Round Cream doesn't feel heavy or greasy on the skin, and instead soaks in straight away, leaving the skin beautifully hydrated and happy.  I like using this on very dry areas like my hands, elbows and heels to soften them up again, and find that it's really amazing for using after you've shaved your legs.

Look how thick it is! Like actual whipped butter!

As if its intense moisturising properties weren't enough to make you want to repurchase this over and over again, then the scent of it surely will.  It smells like the top of a lemon cheesecake, delicious!

Priced at £6.95 for a 150ml tin (and trust me, a little goes a long way with this thick butter), I can't recommend this product enough!

Have you tried this?  
Do you use Lavera products?

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