My week.

Testing out her new 'get-up'.  I can't seem to pry it off of her!!!

Things I've been up to:

* hosting {small} baby shower at my house.  I made Oreo truffles...please tell me you all know about these.  They are divine.  If not...please let me know so I can post the recipe.  It's a must.

* gearing up for fall break.  Excited - to be able to sleep in and not rush out the door every morning.  Not so excited - to run errands and perform my 'daily' routine with all 3 kids.  Must think of things to do.  It starts today at 3.  And goes for a good 2 1/2 weeks!

*seeing the movie MONEYBALL and DOLPHIN TALE.  Both EXCELLENT.  Highly recommend them BOTH! 

* gathering ideas for Halloween-ish parties and activities.

* catching up on my DVR.  Modern Family and The Middle should be on everyone's MUST WATCH list.  And so should Parenthood.

* taking the boys to baseball practice and games.  Coach pitch this year.  I thank my lucky stars that I had them close together and they can be on the SAME team every year!  Phew!

* drinking lots of Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke.  I just can't help myself.

* cleaning and de-junking our Toy Room.  

September empties


My monthly empties showcases all of the beauty products that I have managed to use up and finish that month. This is mainly to reflect on what products I liked or didn't like and whether I would purchase them again. I also find it helpful in that it reminds me of what I already have and what I don't need more of and vice versa. So this month, I've used:-


- The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream - a super creamy soap-free body wash with organic virgin coconut oil. I've been using this particular product for years and find that a little goes a long way so it's taken me a while to use this bottle up! Repurchase? Yes. In fact, I already have one from the gift set that I won in a charity raffle.

- Superdrug Revitalising Foot and Leg Spray - This has been a summer staple for cooling down and refreshing tired feet. Bought it last summer and finally used it all up. Repurchase? Yes.

- The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector - another product that has lasted me a while. Reviewed it here. Repurchase? Maybe. I want to try out some different hand creams at the moment.

- Clinique Liquid Facial Soap - so glad that I got this as a travel size version from Glamour magazine because it really didn't suit my skin. Despite it claiming to be 'non-drying', I found it incredibly drying for my oily/combination skin. Repurchase? No.

- Boots Botanics (81%) Organic Moisturising Eye Cream - bought this randomly to try out when it was in a 3 for 2 offer. It's OK, nothing amazing. Repurchase? Probably not.


- Lush Creme Anglaise Hand and Body Lotion - a sample tin I impulsively picked up in my last Lush haul. Another OK product for me, I like it, but not enough to justify spending £25 on a full size pot. Repurchase? No.

- Tropic Body Smooth Refreshing Polish - this is just amazing! Seriously, I was so happy to get this to try out in my Boudoir Prive box. It smells absolutely gorgeous, a strong citrusy scent that lingers afterwards. Although it was advertised by BP as a hand scrub, I used it as a body scrub and it left my skin wonderfully soft. Repurchase? Yes!

- Barry M Super Shiny Lip Gloss - another magazine freebie that I've been using pretty constantly throughout summer. Repurchase? No. It's a great lip gloss but I prefer Barry M's lip wands to this as they're longer lasting.

- Clinique High Impact Mascara - yep, another mag freebie! I do like this a lot but I think I like my bareMinerals one more. Repurchase? Maybe.


- Mai Couture Blot and Bronze sheets - an extra in my Boudoir Prive box, I'd had high hopes for this but was left disappointed. It didn't blot very well at all, and just left a patchy shimmer on my face. Repurchase? No.

- Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing - from my Glossy Box, I was also exicted to try this out but was left a little disappointed. It's a good scrub but I wasn't all that keen on the scent. Might just be me but I was expecting a yummy uplifting citrusy scent and instead got a whiff of something akin to watered down furniture polish. Repurchase? No.


- John Frieda Weather Works Style Sealant Creme - this had zero effect on my hair, other than leaving a slightly heavy residue on it and smelling a little like glue. Repurchase? No.

- Aesop Aromatique Body Balm - received in a swap package, I love this! Smells wonderfully citrusy (like grapefruit!) and hydrated my skin nicely after a shower. A brand I'll definitely be looking into. Repurchase? Yes.

- Nivea Young Mild Exfoliating Scrub - I'm not sure what's in this, but it broke me out straight away! Would not recommend for sensitive skin (or any skin for that matter). Repurchase? No!


- Lush Honey I Washed The Kids - one of my all time favourite soaps from Lush, smells amazing and is really gentle on the skin. I mainly use it as a hand soap. Repurchase? Yes.

- Lush Buffy Body Butter - these solid body butters are so good for using in the shower (away from the water to apply and then getting under again to rinse). A great exfoliator which leaves skin soft and supple afterwards. Repurchase? Yes.

September Book List


A recap of books I have read this month:-

Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk - Seriously weird and disturbing book! Took me a little while to get into the story but I soon found myself completely in love with it. Must make a note to purchase more of Palahniuk's novels. Eating Myself by Candida Crewe - OK eating disorder memoir but the writing is very hit and miss. Dancing in the Shadows of Love by Judy Croome - A clever interwoven tale of three inspiring women who overcome their troubled pasts to find peace and love. I wasn't sure whether I was going to like it at first but find myself enjoying it. This was yet another Goodreads win too!

Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder
- As a philosophy geek, I naturally adored this. If you're after an introduction to philosophy then this would be a good start. It by Stephen King - Finally, finally got around to reading this! Enjoyed it a lot (clowns are scary!), so happy to read good King again, even if it did take me about two months to finish. One Day by David Nicholls - The romance bestseller du jour, I absolutely loved this. Completely wasn't expecting it to be this good but it's witty and well written. Recommended. I also seem to be one of the few women left on the planet who hasn't seen the film yet.

The Woman In Black by Susan Hill - Classic short ghost story to get a head start on Halloween reading with. Spooky and suspenseful, written in a similar way to Dracula. A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemmingway - First Hemingway book I've read and I wasn't that keen on the writing style to be honest. I thought that there would be a lot more description about the war and it was difficult for me to get into the story properly. Playground: A Childhood Lost in the Playboy Mansion by Jennifer Saginor - Silly trashy read but 95% of it doesn't actually have anything to do with the Playboy mansion!

The Drowning Pool by Syd Moore - Another Goodreads win, this one is a great Halloween read, part ghost story, part historical fiction (about Essex witches) and part mystery. The first quarter of it is especially scary! Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury - Fantastic story of two teenage boys who experience what happens when a dark and truly wicked carnival comes to their small town. A great mix of horror and fantasy with a quick to read prose that often implies the question of 'Is this all really happening or am I just dreaming?'. Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith - A fast-paced thriller set in the terrifying world of 50s Stalinist Russia. The State projects itself as having the 'perfect society' through its draconian regime, but a series of unexplained murders prompts serious debate on this so called utopia. Scary stuff.

For more books & short reviews, follow me on Goodreads. You can also find me sending out books for free via BookMooch.

Have you read any good books lately?

Conference Weekend recipes.

Image via Google.

This weekend just happens to be one of my very favorites.  General Conference weekend.  For us consists of staying home on Sunday and watching church on TV.  In our pajamas.  And it is bliss.  We get to hear OUR PROPHET speak amongst many other knowledgeable and inspired men and women in our church. {To see my one of my favorite messages from Pres. Monson click HERE}.

I always {extra} enjoy cooking on Conference weekend.  Especially a BIG breakfast.  Usually I make my Cinnamon Roll Casserole.  It gets gobbled up very quickly.  I've shared this recipe before but it is definitely worth the re-share for those that missed it.  And's like super simple.

Cinnamon Roll Casserole

2 packages Pillsbury tube cinnamon rolls {the skinny tube...not the fat one}
1 cube butter
1 cup brown sugar

Pour 1/2 cube melted butter into a 9x13 pan.  Sprinkle 1/2 cup brown sugar over the butter.  Cut cinnamon rolls into chunks and drop into 9x13 pan.  Drizzle the other 1/2 cup melted butter on top of hte cinnamon rolls.  Sprinkle with the other 1/2 cup brown sugar.

Bake according to the directions on the cinnamon roll package {however...mine usually take about 22 minutes to bake}! Cook until edges are golden brown.  Drizzle with the 2 remaining icing cans.  {I heat this for about 10 seconds in the microwave so it drizzles easy}.

This year...thanks to PINTEREST...I have NEW recipes to try.  And I am quite excited because MOST of them involve Pumpkin.  Which means one thing and one thing only.  Fall is officially HERE.  Yahoo!  Here's whats on my list to test out:

And then for dessert...yes....I think dessert after breakfast is a must on these Sundays :)

The Body Shop Carbon Eye Definer


I generally find that The Body Shop is very hit and miss with its make-up collection, their eyeliner pencils in particular are rather crappy in my opinion. I received their Carbon Eye Definer several months ago as a freebie with some online purchases. I wasn't all that excited to try it out so it got shoved to the back of a make-up drawer. Found it recently and thought that I'd finally test it.

The Carbon Eye Definer is a simple black eyeliner pencil at one end and has a built in smudger tip at the other end to create a sexy smokey eye.


It swatches a better black than their regular eye liners and the second swatch shows it smudged out with the end tip. I wasn't all that impressed by the fact that it smudged by itself into a big old mess within a few hours and started to faded quite quickly. Not something that I would recommend purchasing for the £9 price tag!

10 Films list


1. An Education (2009) - beautifully stylish film set in the 60s and based on Nick Hornby's bestseller. Well worth watching if you haven't seen it yet.
2. Permanent Midnight (2007) - dreadfully boring junkie flick with Ben Stiller and Elizabeth Hurley. A shame because the memoir of the same name by Jerry Stahl is a great read.
3. Smiley Face (2008) - silly teen stoner movie, if you don't like that sort of humour then you'll hate this!
4. V for Vendetta (2008) - excellent adaptation of one of my favourite books of all time, but do give read the Moore classic a read too.
5. Hoodwinked (2006) - my little cousin picked this to watch from Lovefilm, a funny attitude filled modern version of Little Red Riding Hood.
6. Repo! A Genetic Opera (2009) - weird but wonderful gothic dystopia musical (and yes, it's that one with Paris Hilton dressed in fetish gear but don't worry, she's not in it for long)
7. Battle: Los Angeles (2011) - I'm seriously getting bored of these 'America saves the world' blockbusters, yawn.
8. Gnomeo and Juliet (2011) - enjoyable animation with the voices of James McAvoy and Emily Blunt.
9. Public Enemies (2009) - gangster movie based on the notorious real life of John Dillinger, as portrayed by Johnny Depp. Although it's pretty long, it's a great story.
10. Suckerpunch (2011) - not sure what to make of this. It's looks amazing (a bit like a nicely polished Tim Burton style dystopia) but I wasn't a big fan of the actual storyline.

Have you watched any good (or bad) films recently?

Shana Tova uMetuka lekulam! Have a Happy New year everybody!

NOTD: Zoya - Jem


Here's that gorgeous Zoya nail polish that I received in my Boudoir Prive box. I absolutely love it. It's a bit similar to my favourite nail polish of last month, Mac's Formidable, but with a warmer red and gold undertone of shimmer. Formulation wise, it's really good too.

M&M of Conference.

I wanted to give my Young Women a little something to motivate them to watch General Conference next week.  {Not sure what General Conference is?  Click HERE to learn more.} M&Ms were on sale at my local grocery store so I picked those up and came up with this:

I made up some tags and added the fabric tape as a border.  I taped them onto the back side of each package of M&Ms.

I passed them around opening exercises along with THIS and THIS from Sugardoodle.  I encouraged each of them to work on their Personal Progress next weekend while watching Conference. There is SO much they can accomplish WHILE watching the apostles speak! 

Halloween decor.

I pulled out my Halloween decor today.  Now I've got piles and piles of boxes to unload with black and white everything to scatter around my house.  To see some of my favorite additions to the collection from last HERE.

Random Wednesday {posted on Thursday}.

Game face.  Go Cards!

* The 'Beibs' is coming out with a Christmas CD this holiday season.  And as if that isn't good enough will feature a guest appearance track from Boyz to Men.  Christmas wishes REALLY DO come true!

* I bought a new vacuum last week and I am in love.  Oreck XL baby.  It does wonders.  {Did you know I have OCD with vaccuming my family room floor?  You wouldn't really ever be able to tell however since the carpet in my family room looks disgusting and needs to be replaced.}

* Speaking of messy and disgusting...the inside of my car needs some serious cleaning.  Joe always jokes that there's chicken nuggets in there from 2004.  I kind of consider my car the 'Pig Pen' of Charlie Brown.  Doors open... and wrappers and shoes fall out from it being so gross in there.  Not proud of it.  Not proud at all.  Willing to clean it?  Eh.

* It's time to potty train London.  For reals this time.  Bleh!

* Have you tried the red velvet cake at Liberty Market in Gilbert?  It's pretty much to die for.  {Hmmm..maybe that's where Joe and I will be going on our date night tonight.}

* So glad to see Kate Gosselin end her TV run.  Those poor, poor kids.  How many of them do you think will write a book when they get older?  

* Do you get the Oriental Trading magazine?  I always like to thumb through it for crafty kids ideas.  Here's my question though.  Why on earth do they find it necessary to put a 'Christian' spin on everything?  Don't get me wrong...I LOVE my religion and all...but is it REALLY necessary to put a religious twist on Halloween???  Or St. Patricks Day?  It just doesn't seem to fit for me, no?

* I found myself cleaning the other day and listening to the all 90s Pandora station.  I really AM 'middle aged' now.  Memories of college and high school were flowing through my brain.  And I liked it :) I always remind Joe...'we're not YOUNG and HIP anymore'.  Lets just deal with it! {Wink}.

* I have another Facebook pet peeve.  This one is a big one.  It's when spouses get all gushy on FB about their significant other.  Seriously?  I mean....really?  I don't mind the occasional compliment.  But calling them 'SEXY BEASTS' or 'SO INCREDIBLY HOT I CAN'T STAND IT?'  Umm...that should kind of be saved for a personal text.  Or email even.  Or about you tell them that at night when you get ready for bed?  The whole world does not need to know this.  We really just don't care how much you love your husband. It's nice and all...but should be let known on a private basis. Period.

*That probably ruffled some feathers.  So I'm done now.

Boudoir Prive - September 2011


So after what seems like weeks of waiting (BP had some delays with US samples arriving and then delivery of the actual boxes took longer than it should have), my first Boudoir Prive box is here and I'm really happy with it!


Boudoir Prive is a monthly beauty box subscription service where you pay £10 (free postage!) for 5-6 beauty samples. I got this first box half price with a discount code so all of this cost me a mere fiver. So what's inside?


Oooo nice!


Here's what I received:-

(1) Agent Provacateur L'Agent Eau De Parfum
, 1.5ml sample vial (full size 50ml RRP: £50). Although I don't like a lot of perfumes, this one smells OK. I will be passing it on though as perfumes generally give me headaches.

(2) Zoya nail polish in Jem
, full size (RRP: £9.98). WOW WOW WOW! Seriously wow! The colour is absolutely gorgeous, so happy with this! Despite being a nail polish junkie, I don't own any Zoya polishes so this is a real treat for me :)

(3) Colbert MD Nourish Eye Cream sample pot (full size 15ml RRP: £90). I have heard of this brand from various blogs due the hysteria that surrounded the Royal Wedding (apparently Kate Middleton regularly uses this skincare brand). I could never justify spending £90 on an eye cream but I am interested to see what the fuss is all about.

(4) Cargo Cosmetics Boogie Nights Eye Pencil in Black
, sample size (set of five RRP: £13). A black eye liner with a silver shimmer, this looks OK but I swatched it earlier and it faded pretty fast. I'll see if it stays put longer with a primer underneath.

(5) Tropic Skincare Body Smooth Refreshing Polish, sample pot (full size 200ml, RRP: £19.95). This smells amazing! It's basically a body scrub that smells of sherbert lemons and is 100% natural ingredients . I will be using this ASAP.

(6) Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment
for all hair types, 10ml (RRP: £5.75). This seems pretty similiar to Moroccan Oil so I'm excited to try this out!

I also received a one sheet sample of Mai Couture's Blot & Bronze face paper which I'll also be happy to use.


But let's step back and admire that gorgeous Zoya nail polish shall we? So so pretty!


Also included in the box, was a Zoya advertising booklet and a swatches of their new Smoke and Mirrors collection.


Yeah, I already want every single shade here! Zoya polishes are 3free, camphor free and vegan friendly so I'm seriously tempted to splash out on a couple.


I also really liked the little information leaflet that came in the box which details all of the products included and how to use them.

Overall thoughts: I am extremely happy with my box and I'm excited to try everything out. I personally like this box a lot more than this month's Glossybox because I'll actually use pretty much everything. I imagine that many people in the Glossybox camp won't be swayed by Boudoir Prive due to the size of the products included and I was sceptical about whether BP would be suitable for me due to their first box last month being very mature. All in all, if they continue to put together boxes like this I'll be very happy!

What do you think of Boudoir Prive? And the beauty box trend in general?

Spa Night.

Last night for our weekly Young Womens church activity, we held a Spa Night for the girls and their moms.  I had so much fun planning this one and I think the girls had a FUN time!  Care to take a peek at the festivities?

I chose a hot pink, black and white color scheme.  

I scored the pink and white bowls for 70% off in the Target $ bins. That's right...just 30 cents a bowl!  The smaller ones came in a package of FOUR for 30 cents.  Double score!  The place mats are just 12 x 12 pieces of scrap book paper.  The mirrors came from a friend of mine who has sold Mary Kay.

The girls sat across from their moms and after some instruction by an experienced nail tech...their task was to give their moms a manicure.  

The second part of the evening was all about homemade facials and proper skin care.

I made up an exfoliating face mask that consisted of:  4 strawberries, 1/4 cup yogurt and then a dash of oatmeal to add consistency.  The moms had the task of applying the mask onto their girls.

They were then asked to stay put for 10 minutes to let the mask soak in. Don't they looked relaxed? {Smile}.

Party Favors {because EVERY party must have some, right?}:

I made a Lemon Hand Scrub which consisted of sugar, kosher salt, olive oil and lemon zest with a dash of lemon extract.   I found the 1/2 pint jars at Target.

 I jazzed up the water bottles with matching scrapbook paper, flowers and jewels. 

Finger foods were served and wa-lah!   A night full of pampering AND fun!  Love my cute church girls!