NOTD: OPI's Charged Up Cherry


One of the brightest shades in my nail polish collection, this is so pretty for summer holidays. As with the vast majority of OPI's, it applies like a dream in two coats.

Memorial Day Bash.

Memorial Day is becoming a new favorite holiday of mine. BBQ + the Lam fam + Slip n Slide + red white and blue = lots o' fun! Add to that the GORGEOUS weather we had yesterday here in was the perfect day!

Not too many more days the kids can play outside before it starts getting so hot their feet will burn!

Lamoreaux cousin crew eating dessert!

Super easy centerpiece for the adult table. Tins from the $ spot at Target filled with Patriotic Tootsie pops from the $ store and fresh flowers!

Kiddie dessert on a stick.

Food table centerpiece. LOVE pinwheels right now. They seem to be everywhere!

Linking up to Tatertots and Jello HERE.

Patriotic Banner.

Pennant banners seem to be all the rage these days and I LOVE them! I wanted to create a little banner that I could hang for the summer....from Memorial Day through the 4th of July. I whipped this up in one night and it was easy peasy. All I used was scrapbook paper {cut into triangles}, wooden letters that I glittered with glue, toole to tie it all together and some star spangled garland to intertwine with it all.

Happy Memorial Day...From London and Mr. Potato Head's glasses!

May Books


Brief reviews on Good Reads.

Strawberry Shortcake tricks + more patriotic goodies.

When I think of Summertime desserts I think of one thing. Strawberry Shortcake. It is a MUST HAVE between the months of May to September. There are so many different ideas popping up of fun ways to serve your Strawberry Shortcake.

Celebrations at Home came up with this super cute 'Make Your Own Shortcakes' bar and let me tell is darling! You must click HERE to see all of it's {berry} sweetness.

Strawberry Shortcake on a stick? Pure. Genius. Found via {Be Different Act Normal} on the blog Lemonade Makin Mama - I am in love with this idea. Click HERE to see for yourself. I would even add a little personal cup of whip cream with each kabob so guests could dip their shortcake and strawberries.

And since tomorrow is Memorial Day.....

I just adore this way of serving fruit skewers. How patriotic! Found on the blog Sisters Stuff HERE.

And aren't these dipped pretzel rods clever? And oh so yummy looking? Found on the blog Poca Cosa HERE. LOVE it!

Happy Memorial Day!

10 Films list


1. Thor (2011) - It was OK, but worth the hype? Probably not. 2. Red (2010) - With this many well known actors, I would have been surprised if it was anything less than brilliant. 3. The Human Centipede (2010) - One of the most original horror movies to have come out in the last ten years. Totally weird and horrible. 4. Hideous Kinky (1999) - Kate Winslet plays an unconvincing hippy in this mediocre escapism flick. 5. Monsters (2010) - The exact opposite of what I was expecting, pleasantly surprised by this slow-paced, yet beautifully shot movie. 6. Due Date (2010) - Loved it! 7. Battle Royale 2/Requiem - This could have been so much better. 8. The Runaways (2010) - Yeah, this was awesome, I'm a sucker for films like this. 9. American Psycho (2000) - I have lost count with the amount of times I've watched this, still one of my favourite satires. 10. 30 Days of Night 2/Dark Days (2010) - Not as awful as I was expecting, but not exactly great either.

R rated Summer cookies {LOL!}

Summer is just around the corner and I don't know about you...but I would DIE laughing if someone delivered these to my door. So clever! My bro-in-law Jay sent these to me on my email and I instantly fell in love with them {wink}! In case you haven't noticed....they are just heart shaped cookies with the bottom point cut off. You could get VERY creative with the decorating part {smile}!

Random Wednesday {posted on Thursday}.

* My eyes currently feel like they have shards of glass inside of them. Darn allergies.

* I really haven't figured out what all of the {HYPE} over Oprah's last show was about. I get it...people love her. But....THAT MUCH?

* The BOY finalists on the American Idol last night should NOT have worn WHITE pants. Anyone agree? It was a tad awkward. I'm just sayin.

* Speaking of AI.....after watching Steven Tyler perform last night...I must goobily gobily as he is....he's still got it. Very talented man!

* London informed me the other day that I had 'owies all over my face'. She was referring to my zits. Nice. Only 32 years old with gray hairs AND 'owies'.

* I have a NEW pet peeve at the mall play place. {Yes...we are there at least once a week. Soon to be more...with the 100 degree temps about to hit!}. It's when you sit down, next to a random mom....and she talks your ear off and wants to instantly be your BFF. I honestly think that some moms go to play places to make friends. Not me. Definitely not me. I find it very therapeutic to just sit all by my lonesome self, sip on my Diet Coke, munch on my Paradise Bakery cookie and people watch. I could people watch there for hours and not say a single word to anyone. {I just make notes of the people watching on my iphone so I can post about it later...hehe!}

* Gymboree is having a HUGE sale right now. Thank You Lindsay for the TIP! EVERYTHING in their store right now is $12.99 or under. I'm serious. EVERYTHING!!! I could seriously go nuts in there right now. Their summer stuff is irresistible.

*Speaking of sales....Old Navy is having a 40% off ALL Clearance items sale right now too. Thru Memorial Day. I found some cute cargo shorts for the boys for only 5 bucks! You can't get em that cheap at Target!!!

* I have a confession. I cried during "The Suite Life on Deck" finale. It's true. When Zach and Cody graduated....I produced a few tears. Come on....It's the end of an era, right?!?

* I've had 3 different people now tell me that I remind them of Christina Aguilera on The Voice. They say it's our mannerisms. Ummmm......? Really?!? Not sure if I agree or disagree?

* It's just not fair that Joe can fall asleep in .02 seconds at night and me...I toss and turn for a good 30 minutes before I zonk out. Joe could seriously fall asleep at ANY given time in ANY given place. WITH the kids running and screaming all around him. I wish I had that gift.

Clever Dessert Stand.

Spotted this DARLING dessert stand over at A Girl and a Glue Gun and it was just too clever not to share. GUESS what it is made out of? Terra Cotta Pots! It's true. It started out like this:

The thing that I REALLY love about can paint them ANY color to coordinate with your shin-dig! How simple!!! Click HERE for the details!

Our new Logo

Zines & handmade pretties


Last two pictures from 'Times Are Hard For Dreamers' issue 1

I bought the lion necklace and badge from Oh My Clumsy Heart on Etsy. If I had more disposable income, I would probably buy everything from sellers on Etsy. So many pretty things.

I received a cool parcel this morning from a swap site on LiveJournal and received some lovely zines (the Up Until Now 3 is from Oh My Clumsy Heart). I haven't bought any zines in ages because I keep threatening to one day go through my enormous zine collection and actually sort it out (this may never happen though), give away/sell any duplicates and catergorise it somehow. Anyway, these zines reminded how cool they still are and will probably prompt a mini zine spending spree.

Patriotic Party Ideas.

I'm still in disbelief that in just a week...Memorial Day will be here. Then..2 days later...the kids are out of school and then just around the corner is the 4th of July! Where has the TIME gone? This year we'll be having my family over for a Memorial Day BBQ bash and then celebrating the 4th of July with them up at a cabin in the mountains. My mind is already turning with ideas of ways to celebrate our RED WHITE AND BLUE. Of course, most of these ideas involve food....why wouldn't they?

Firecracker Cupcakes recipe

Love these FIRECRACKER CUPCAKES from Kraft Foods found HERE. Coconut is used as the topping/sparkle-y stuff and a licorice string is used in the middle.

Patriotic Poke Cake recipe

Also found on the Kraft website.....this Patriotic Poke cake. I've made these before and let me tell you...they are YUMMY! Loving the Red white and BLUE effect. Blueberry and Strawberry JELL-O are used and it's actually quite simple! Click HERE for the recipe.

Since we have quite a few little ones on the Lamoreaux side...I'm sure these festive Ice-cream Sandwich Pops would be a HUGE hit. Found over at the cute blog Living Locurto HERE.

Love, Love, Loving these simple centerpieces. No Biggie shows you how to make the paper Lollies HERE. Super excited to give these a whirl!

Holiday Fruit Kabobs

I love the simple-ness of these Red, white and Blueberry skewers found over at Make and Takes HERE. I'm positive my kids would eat all three items on this skewer too... so that's always an added bonus!

Patriotic Drink

And speaking of kids....what kid wouldn't LOVE the WOW factor of this patriotic drink? Family Fun gives you the how-to HERE. Hint: It involves cranberry juice, Diet 7-UP and Wild Berry Flavor Gatorade Fierce.

To see how we celebrated Memorial Day last HERE.

And one more thing....I already have London's outfit picked out for this year's 4th of July festivities. Thank You Gymboree for making it so easy! {Note to self: Snag these soon...before they're gone!}

America's Sweetie Tank Top

Stars and Stripes Tutu

Ribbon Flip Flop Sandal

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