Lanvin Sets Up Shop in New York

by David Pedroza, Editor in Chief
Lanvin has finally opened a shop in New York City, on the Upper East Side to be exact! A generous, 6,000 square foot, five-floor shop with 30 foot ceilings filled with beautiful clothes, shoes, bags, nick-nack and things....makes one feel like a child in a candy store. The store is minimal, elegant, yet intimate and features every thing from ready-to-wear to bridal. The natural lighting and its two colors, black and white, set an ideal background for the store, while letting the clothes stand out. The bridal salon has a homey feeling, as if you were in your own private dressing room!

Post Script: Visit Lanvin New York at 815 Madison Avenue, between 68th & 69th St, New York City
Photo, Lanvin 2010

LINstallation in Paris

by April Hall, Paris Correspondent
The summer heat at the gardens in the Palais Royale made LINstallation feel all the more appropriate, as many of the guests had arrived wearing just that -- linen. The name itself is a play on words, explaining what exactly LINstallation is. It is an exhibit that focuses on the qualities of fine linen. An impressive line up of top-name designers such as Stephane Rolland and Lefranc Ferrant created special pieces entirely from linen for the installation, showcasing its versatility as a material. Notable works included a waterproof jumpsuit by Jean-Paul Knott, a gorgeous trench coat with underskirt and a cinched waist, and a giant stuffed-animal-garden-ornament-cross face by the always humorous On Aura Tout Vu. All of these were situated in the miniature linen field that had been created for the event, with the pieces being displayed on posts resembling scarecrows.

Jean-Paul Knott Trench Dress
Post Script: it was impossible not to notice that red was the popular colour of choice for women's shoes for the evening.

All Photos by April Hall, 2010

Haute Couture Fall 2010 Coverage: On Aura Tout Vu

by Christine Suppes, Editor-at-Large
On Aura Tout Vu's show, which was held under a canopy of trees in the Palais Royal, was called "Fishing for Compliments", and all manner of otherworldly underwater creatures floated down the runway. The black and white "fish scale" sheath was a standout as was the amethyst suit with long, fin-like sleeves and the adorable pancake tutu cocktail ensemble. Not surprisingly, Lady GaGa's stylist has discovered on aura tout vu and she has appeared in their creations. on aura tout vu may not be French (they are in fact Bulgarian) but they should be designated national treasures for the many French collections they saved at the 24th hour with their finesse and know how, before they wisely decided to concentrate on their own work. This was their strongest collection in several seasons.

Photos, On Aura Tout Vu Fall 2010

Haute Couture Fall 2010 Coverage: Chanel

By Christine Suppes, Editor-at-Large
The giant gold lion in the middle of of the Grand Palais was jaw dropping. Allegedly, Coco Chanel, a Leo, used this astrological theme in her collections nearly as much as she used the camellia, pearls and four leaf clovers. Unfortunately, we did not hear the lion's roar in this collection. Lesage should never be taken for granted, but this gorgeous work even appeared on street length dresses and matching boots. Who really wants to look like that these days? And even if one had all the money in the world, who can really afford to appear in this over-the-top way? The slim street length silhouette with a self bolero was striking and very modern. Three quarter sleeves appeared on several dresses and even fur coats. On the other hand, very few long gowns were shown. When the groom in a lion's head came out with the bride (in a short dress), many of us were hoping it was Lagerfeld. Alas, it was not. It was model Baptiste Giabiconi, the super handsome male muse of Mr. Lagerfeld. In the audience, Karl faithful Daphne Guinness showed us she was still trying, with a quasi Lady GaGa pompadour, yards of silver sequins and shoes that looked unwearable. The ultimate roar was perhaps Mr. Lagerfeld doing away with long gowns, at least for now. With the way things are going in the world, this might be a good sign in case we need to run for our lives!

Photos by Gianni Pucci /

Haute Couture Fall 2010 Coverage: Basil Soda

by April Hall, Paris Correspondent
Sleek, black gravel covering the runway, French celebrities, and other notable global personalities, some with PA`s fanning them the whole time, set the perfect ambiance for the glamorous runway to red carpet to society gala collection that was Basil Soda`s for fall/winter 2010/2011. Perhaps aimed at the slightly younger crowd, the jewel blues and fuschias as well as whites and neutrals were all accented with gold, usually in the form of zippers. The entire presentation was a magpie's dream, with shimmer and shine and all out glamour in every ensemble. Soda's talent for draping and accentuating the woman's body was used this season to create an awesome feminine rocker chic. Lace, reptile skins, and superfluous zippers gave the beautiful silhouettes a decidedly more aggressive, rocker styling. On the few ensembles lacking these elements however, the result is a beautiful, figure-enhancing gown. The ultimate rocker evening booties worn by the models are a must have as well.

Photos, Basil Soda Fall 2010

Haute Couture Fall 2010 Coverage: Givenchy

by David Pedroza, Editor-in-Chief

Riccardo Tisci demonstrated his devotion to the craft of Haute Couture with his latest couture collection for the house of Givenchy, with a new found identiy due to Tisci's experiments and attempts throught the past few years. The House declared to stop runway presentations for couture, in favor of private viewings of the colletion, presenting only 10 exceptional works of art. Each piece, with a concetration in evening wear, was an great execution of haute couture by Givenchy's Atelier. Gowns of lace covered in fine beading, requiring up to 1,600 hours of hand work by techniqualy skilled hands. One catsuit was decorated with a Swarovski crystal skeleton, and a dress in Chantilly lace was appliquéd in leather duplicating a lace pattern with cascade of dégradé ostrich feathers. Riccardo Tisici proved there is a strong demand in haute couture, especialy in the rare and the beautiful.

Photos of Givenchy Haute Couture Fall 2010 (Via: givenchy, fashiongonerogue)

Haute Couture Fall 2010 Coverage: Alexis Mabille

by David Pedroza, Editor-in-Chief

Alexis Mabille has presented his first outing of Haute Couture, without the presences of ready-to-wear, which in the past he has presented in one collection. For Fall 2010, Mabille wanted to maintain a ready-to-wear sensibility by making his collection of mix and match pieces; Each piece can easily be worn with the next one. The silhouettes were simple and reflected a ready-to-wear accessibility, but the workmanship was Haute Couture at its best. Mabille put his workmanship in the spot light, especially with a few stand out pieces such as a black velvet dress, hand-embroidered and beaded by the Atelier Cecile Henri. Presenting only 12 exquisite, precious pieces, which can be ordered with less elaborate ornamentation for the couture client with a smaller budget. Alexis Mabille not only presented a beautiful collection, but a smart one for a new and modern world.

Photos Courtesy of Alexis Mabille

Haute Couture Fall 2010 Coverage: Dior Couture

By David Pedroza, Editor in Chief

John Galliano has gone full bloom at Dior, for Fall. Taking inspiration from the garden of Eden, and the study of botany, to sculpt fabric into precious flowers. The models looked like they stepped out of a Norman Parkinson photograph, and into a botanical garden. The textures and form of each garment showed the master and technical skills of the Dior Atelier. Galliano never fails to use the full potential of the tailors and dress makers at Dior, challenging them every season to create new silhouettes. Although Galliano did not leave his theatrics, the clothes where wearable and can easily be worn to cocktails. The proof will come in the orders the House of Dior receives.

Post Script: Master the Art of Style will have full coverage on the Paris Couture collections, July 5-July 9.
Photos by Gianni Pucci for