Maison Michel Paris

Lace, wide brim Hat, by special order Maison Michel Paris Couture (photo from Maison Michel)
With no time to buy a new frock, one looks for the right accessory to enhance that dress for the New Years Eve Party. One of the best accessories is a hat from master milliner Maison Michel. In 1936, Hat maker Auguste Michel found his company on rue Saint Anne in Paris, giving birth to a generation of haute couture milliners. In 1996, on a mission to save the heritage of struggling haute couture ateliers, Chanel took over the house for its survival in the modern world. Maison Michel began making hats for couture houses such as Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior and Christian Lacroix, in 1980. Not until 2006, the house launches its own ready-to-wear collection, under the direction of Laetitia Crahay, who was head accessories and jewelry designer at Chanel. Maison Michel Paris is now a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture, presenting their collections during Paris Couture fashion week.

The house now offers a made-to-measure service of one-of-a-kind Hats, for both men and women. The atelier creates classic fedoras, to unique beaded head bands. One can select a design from their seasonal collection, which is made-to-order, and hand made by the Paris atelier. A hat can take three to four weeks for a haute couture design and can cost up to $4,300.00, depending on the complexity of the design and its material. Maison Michel ready-to-wear is available at and it's huate couture line is available by appointment only at Maison Michel showroom on rue Sainte Anne,Paris (

Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal Ligne 0 Collection Couture

Vintage buttons are embroidered on a silk chiffon to create a "Mouth"motif; 25 Hours of Hand work, Limited Edition Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal Ligne "0" Collection Couture, $6,595.00 at
Early December, Martin Margiela, one of the most celebrated avant-garde designers of the 20th and 21st centuries, announced he was to leave his Paris-based label. The mysterious Margiela has been an influence in avant garde fashion for the past 20 years, and will not name a successor to replace his post. "We want to stay avant-garde, and provocative, but without a new creative director," Giovanni Pungetti, chief executive officer of Maison Martin Margiela, told WWD, earlier this month. The house will continue to show the Artisanal Line ( Labeled "0" for their Haute Couture collection) during Paris Couture Fashion week, on January 26, 2010 , without Margiela.

The Artisanal Line is the house's expression of haute Couture since 1989, creating garments by hand, in their atelier, using recycle items such as old records and shoe strings. Each garment is reworked by hand using haute couture techniques, requiring days of work, resulting in unique, extremely limited, and one-of-a-kind pieces. Most pieces do not require fittings, and some are available in editions of 5, but the house continues to provide this line as their haute couture service, and are official corresponding members of the CHAMBRE SYNDICALE DE LA HAUTE COUTURE (which also include Giorgio Armani Prive, Elie Saab, and Valentino). Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal Collection Ligne "0" is now available to order at (It was previously sold exclusively at Margiela by Special order in NY and Paris.)

This video shows the Paris atelier of Maison Martin Margiela creating "Artisanal couture" pieces by hand using recycled objects, such as bicycle reflectors (Video by

Master the Art of Shopping: 1st

Organza and Lace dress, Chanel Haute Couture, 1980's from Rare Vintage at
Founded in 2001, has become the online destination for rare antiquities, modern design, Haute Couture, and vintage designer garments. For those looking for nothing but the best, offers that and more. This site has quickly became the best place to buy vintage designer pieces and Haute couture with out leaving your home. 1stdibs has created a connection with online shoppers and expert dealers of vintage designer garments. Dealers such as Resurrection, The Way We Wore, The Paper Bag Princess, Lynn Ban, Leslie Chin, and Rare Vintage have created stores with in the site, each offering unique couture from 1920's-2000's, and from designers such as Madame Gres to Isaac Mizrahi. Collectors can find museum quality, 1950's Dior Haute Couture cocktail dresses, Halston's beaded sheaths, and Christian lacroix's haute couture poof skirts from early in his career. Recently, fine costume jewelry and accessories have been added to to site. The Vintage and Haute Couture inventory is updated weekly with new finds(updated every Wednesday), with photographs of each garment and detailed descriptions. If you are looking for some thing rare and different, shop at

Intro To Master the Art of Style

Master The Art of Style is not a how to journal, but a way to guide the readers to the best of the best that fashion has to offer. This blog will feature stories from the best Haute Couture houses in NYC and Paris to individuals that make artisan leather goods. It will cover great shopping and go behind the doors of great style makers. Master the Art of style will be an outlet to every thing rare, unique, and beautiful in the world of fashion.

Purchase a Luxury Women's Bathrobe That She Will Really Love to Wear

Who doesn't love sinking into a plush bathrobe after a long day and a hot shower? A luxury women's bathrobe is the perfect indulgence when you feel like you deserve a little pampering and relaxing. While it might be tempting to just grab a pretty robe off the store rack, you may enjoy your pampered purchase more by doing some exploration of fabric types, weaves, and styles before making a choice.

Robes have several variations in colors, patterns and fit. In order for your luxury bathrobe to truly pamper, it must fit properly. A bathrobe that is too big will be cumbersome and bulky. A robe that is too small will either be too short to modestly wear around the house or pool, too small to properly tie around your waist, or both. Here are a few tips on how you can find the perfect fit for your next luxury bathrobe.

Men's Bathrobes Vs. Women's Bathrobes

In general, men's bathrobes tend to be cut larger in the shoulder area, offering less of a form fit and more of a general loose and baggy fit. Women's bathrobe options on the other hand are designed to fit more to the woman's form, providing comfort in the coziness. Unisex bathrobes seem to fall into the middle by providing less of a form fit, and a slightly longer bathrobe than what a typical women's bathrobe offers. Unisex bathrobes also tend to come in a much wider variety of sizes, so if you are looking for a truly perfect fit, this may be the most ideal way to go.


If you are buying a luxury bathrobe as a gift, there are some factors to consider in choosing the right one. Think about how the woman is going to be using the robe. Does she typically shower in the morning, use the robe to dry off and quickly get dressed for the day? Or does she enjoy a hot shower at night after work and then lounge in the robe all evening? For the first you may consider a shorter more functional robe, while the evening lounger may appreciate a long luxurious fluffy robe instead.

Fabric Choices

Luxury bathrobes typically have several different fabrics and patterns from which to choose. Heavier fabrics like velour tend to be better in cooler climates while lightweight pique and cotton robes fair better in warmer climates. It is always important to make sure that the robe has an absorbent terry interior, no matter what the outer fabric, to whisk away moisture. It is also important to note that if you or your gift recipient prefer organic fabrics, search for a robe made from 100% organic cotton.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of searching for and finding the perfect robe -- for yourself or someone else. By taking into consideration size, functionality and fabric, you can rest assured that the robe you finally purchase will be one you will love to slip into every day!

About the Author: Christine O'Kelly is an author for Tisseron Bathrobes, a premier provider of luxury women's and men's bathrobes Tisseron's luxury bathrobes feature luxurious 100% organic cotton and a distinctive styling.

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Luxury Gift Stores - Can High Street Stores And Online Stores Co-Exist Happily Together?

If you’ve ever watched Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, you are familiar with what luxury bedroom decor is. It is defined by it’s beauty, material, style, and placement within a room. Luxury bedroom décor applies to anything from window treatments to throw rugs to lampshades.

Having luxury bedroom décor in your home will instantly make you feel like one of the stars, as you relish in its color, fabric and design. Usually, this type of décor has a theme throughout a particular room. These can run anywhere from an Egyptian theme to a marble theme to an Italian villa theme.

A popular theme is nautical, where blue and white stripes are painted vertically on the wall. They can be topped off with an eggshell finish to give it a slight shimmer. Couches match, displaying navy pillows and ottomans and sconces light up a room with a soft, dim glow. This kind of luxury bedroom décor will surely make you comfortable asleep!

It’s best that your luxury bedroom décor matches, so that it can give your room a unified feel. Pick your own favorite theme and place items of that description all over—and don’t forget that luxury bedroom décor is not complete without luxury materials!

For more information on luxury bedding, furniture and bedroom decor visit - find out more about popular themes, materials and designs.

For information on Asian inspired home and bedroom decor visit

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Luxury Online Shopping

The arrival of online shopping has revolutionised our shopping experience, as the global high street has been brought to our door. With the use of a computer, an Internet connection and our flexible friend, we can enjoy a shopping experience that only a few years ago would have seemed like something out of Star Trek.

In this exciting new world that we inhabit, shops from around the world arrive virtually in our living room, and finding that 'arcane piece of medieval chain mail' can be as easy as purchasing a can of beans.

Younger shoppers were the initial driving force behind online purchases and the increasingly computer literate older generations are now swiftly following them. The whole transaction can be conducted in a safe and secure manner thanks to 128-bit encryption and the availability of a host of protective security software.

Some buying experiences will always be enhanced by the ability to touch and try before you buy. Finding that ideal dress or perfect pair of shoes clearly needs the tactile sensation and is often coupled with a social experience, such as meeting with good friends for a coffee and a chat.

The luxury gifts market is one area that clearly does work for online shopping because it features high quality brands that we can trust. It is important that we select an online retailer that conveys the same high quality feel that we see in the products being offered. Once we have found a suitable online retailer we can begin selecting those all important gifts that are frequently design classics and instantly recognizable.

Once selected and paid for these gifts can arrive at our door within a day or two, or can even be delivered directly to a loved one complete with wrapping and a special message. In these hectic modern times we can use the time and effort saved here on more enjoyable quality time with the family or even a little special time for ourselves.

This market has not been without its troubles though and there has been some simmering resentment towards online stores from the traditional high street retailers, as the market has experienced some growing pains with this new shopping medium.

The luxury gifts market has been decidedly slow in embracing this new purchasing medium and it was left to quick thinking entrepreneurs to initially fulfill the needs of the online community. Bright young companies began to spring up from nowhere, offering the 21st century consumer a selection of desirable design led products.

The problems began to occur when some of the online stores started to offer huge discounts that the high street stores simply couldn't match because of their higher overheads. Many a canny consumer started to peruse the alluring designs on display in the high street stores and then discretely wander off to the Internet and buy at a much lower price online.

High street stores were frequently putting in all the hard work and the online shops were taking the sales. This situation had a devastating effect on the high street sales and many owners became understandably frustrated, annoyed and left out in the cold.

The problems continued to spiral further out of control when the online stores began a subtle price war with each other, in order to maintain their sales volume and see off the competition. At this point the profit margins became almost completely eradicated and much more seriously, the carefully cultured integrity of several quality brands began to be eroded.

As the price cutting bonanza continued, online stores began to force each other into extinction leaving carnage in their wake. Many product prices in the market were slashed beyond feasible margins and much loved brands took a battering from their lower perceived value.

Manufacturers and distributors in the luxury gift market have also been decidedly caught off guard. In the last 10 years as the bubble in the banking industry created greater perceived wealth, the increased affluence spilt over into in to the luxury gifts market significantly improving sales figures.

When there was an abundance of wealth sloshing around in society, the problems associated with discount selling to some degree remained hidden, because there were more than enough sales to keep everyone happy. However, as the economic downturn has begun to bite, the problems were revealed in dramatic fashion as everyone chased the fewer customers left in the market.

So, can online stores and high street stores selling luxury gifts coexist happily together?

I believe they can.

The online luxury gift market has grown up. Online shopping for luxury gifts is changing and becoming a much more professional affair, with quality service at the heart of the business. No longer will we as customers tolerate a part-time store, where the owner goes off to their day job and then responds to messages when they return home. A new more mature generation of online companies are arriving to replace the cost-cutting companies that have discounted themselves into oblivion. These are companies that understand the need to protect and support brand integrity of the cherished brands they support. They have strong values and a belief in the service they provide, beyond just a quick sale.

Opening an online luxury store is in many ways like opening a high street shop; it requires the same specialized knowledge of the product range and experience in providing quality customer service. However, instead of the customers spotting the store when moving along the high street, the online store may as well be in the middle of the desert. If online stores don't spend time and money bringing people to the store then no one will know they are there and if they want customers to return, then the service must be as good as the designs being sold. The competition in this new arena has continued to grow and it is becoming more and more expensive to achieve the required exposure. Many of the high street stores have also begun to see the light and created their own web sites, realizing the potential opportunities in this sector.

The days of extravagant profit margins for online stores have come to an end. Online stores need to spend similar margins to the high street stores on advertising, good quality packaging, shipping and providing the type of high quality service that we would expect for such high quality designs.

Now that profit margin equilibrium has arrived, online stores and high street stores should be able to work in a wonderfully complementary manner, because they offer different experiences. The high street store allows the customer to touch, feel and try the designs on offer and then enables the chosen design to be taken home immediately. The online store usually offers a much greater range of stock for the customer to choose from and provides the convenience of making a purchase from your own home. The designs can then be sent to whoever and wherever needed.

There are signs that this harmonious relationship is beginning to occur in the marketplace, as new online stores can be seen supporting high street stores and the integrity of much loved brands with sound pricing and providing a quality service. It is heartening to see brands such as Alessi, Menu, Eva Solo, Design E, Louis Poulsen, Absolute Appetite, Jacob Jensen and the like being treated with the respect that they deserve.

These are exciting times for the evolution of online shopping and I for one look forward to seeing what the future brings.

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